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How CBD May Help Focus and Concentration

Our fast-paced modern lifestyles have made it more difficult than ever to focus and concentrate. If you’re having trouble with focus or find it hard to concentrate, you’re not alone. From stress and lack of sleep to the countless distractions we’re faced with each day, there are countless reasons people might have difficulty focusing. Whatever the cause may be, not being able to focus or concentrate can take a serious toll on your life.

Here’s where CBD steps in. Rather than relying on afternoon coffee everyday (or even a prescription stimulant like Adderall), CBD has shown to improve focus and concentration, even with people who suffer from conditions like ADHD. Here’s how it works.

CBD Eases Stress

Countless studies have shown the positive effect CBD has on stress. And seeing that stress and anxiety can make it extremely difficult to concentrate, reducing stress can directly increase focus, concentration, and mental productivity.

CBD is so beneficial for stress because of its ability to activate serotonin receptors in the brain that are directly linked to the stress response. CBD also works as an anxiolytic by binding to CB1 receptors, helping to significantly decrease anxiety. Decreased stress and anxiety levels lead to increased levels of focus and concentration.

Another way CBD can help with focus and concentration is by increasing dopamine levels in the brain. One study found CBD to increase dopamine neural activity in specific nerve cells by increasing the firing rate of dopamine neurons. An increase in dopamine can improve concentration and encourage better organization of tasks that need to be completed.

CBD Promotes Restful Sleep

Ever had a rough night’s sleep and found it almost impossible to keep your mind focused the next day? Lack of sleep (which countless individuals regularly experience) can seriously hinder your ability to stay focused. Good luck concentrating on much of anything after you’ve experienced a few sleepless nights in a row.

While CBD is known to promote wakefulness, it has also shown to increase total sleep time. If you’re someone who suffers from insomnia, smoking CBD before bed isn’t the best idea but taking it during the day is. We know CBD reduces stress, which is a huge cause of insomnia. Ease your stress and you’ll find it much easier to ease into a good night’s sleep.

CBD Has Shown to Improve Symptoms of ADD/ADHD

What about individuals that can’t focus because of ADD/ADHD? CBD also shows promise for symptoms of ADHD. While there is little clinical research, one study found several online discussion forums indicating that CBD is highly beneficial for ADD/ADHD. The study indicates that, “despite that there are no clinical recommendations or systematic research supporting the beneficial effects of cannabis use for ADHD, online discussions indicate that cannabis is considered therapeutic for ADHD-this is the first study to identify such a trend.”

A 2016 study showed similar results. In the randomized placebo-controlled trial, 30 adults were given either CBD or a placebo “to provide an initial evaluation of the effects of cannabinoids on cognitive performance.” Results found “indications of improvement in activity and cognitive performance and emotional liability.”

Using CBD for Increased Focus and Concentration

With increasing evidence on the potential CBD holds for improving focus and concentration, its no wonder more people are turning to CBD products than ever before. Whether using CBD capsules during the day to ease stress and tension, to ensure a good night’s sleep later on, or vaping CBD while studying for exams or a presentation, it holds significant potential to increase cognitive function, so you can easily and effortlessly get done whatever it is you need to do.


Written by Jen Keehn

Jen Keehn is a Colorado-based writer focused on inspiring others to live their best lives. She writes regularly about recreational and medical cannabis, holistic health, addiction, and psychedelic healing.



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