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 Welcome to Sunshine Hemp Company!

Our family is Chippy, Dustin, and Willie.


Passion drives innovation, and our passion for hemp-derived CBD products drove my wife and I to start Sunshine Hemp Co. We have made it our mission to promote the wellbeing of family, friends, and communities naturally with wholesome, made in USA, herbal remedies. Carrying full-spectrum phytocannabinoid rich (PCR) tinctures and capsules grown and manufactured in Colorado – as well as, many other quality products, our store brings our passion into your home.


Besides giving a portion of our proceeds to charity, Sunshine Hemp Co. believes education is the key to advancing hemp and cannabis-based medicine.

We strive to be the most knowledgeable resource for cannabidiol products available. Through consulting medical professionals advocating medicinal cannabis use, working with cannabis professionals in the legal industry, and keeping up with the latest research, Sunshine Hemp Co. wants to be your source for accurate and reliable information on cannabinoid products.

When you first start CBD supplementation it can be a little confusing. We've created a guide called Where Do I Start? to help you discover the right products for you. Sunshine Hemp Co. also offers a low-cost sample to all of our new guests. Feel free to reach out to us anytime that you need help or have a question.

My Story - Depression

At age 13, I was diagnosed with clinical depression and placed on two anti-depression medications. Depression and addiction run in my family and the feelings I had never seemed out of the ordinary in my circumstances. By age 14, I had developed anorexia from being frequently teased and bullied for being chubby. During that time, I developed an umbilical hernia from obsessively exercising. My mother took me to learn Transcendental Meditation and got me psychological help at my request. I hated feeling the constant dread and sorrow that accompanies deep depression. I also wanted to get off medication. The side effects greatly outweighed any benefits in my experience.

When I began high school, I had no direction or objective. Somehow, I wound up in a theater class. I began to love the idea that I could live in someone else's reality for a moment and escape mine. At age 16, I decided to go off medication and rely on meditation and positive thinking methods. Everyday was a battle, but it was better than feeling medicated. Upon graduating high school, I received a scholarship to pursue theater. I took advantage of the opportunity. Despite my consistent efforts to heal naturally, without medication, the depression started winning again.

Fate, Coincidence, Healing

While working on a feature film dealing with mental health issues, I learned that more and more people are seeking healthier alternatives to traditional medicine. In the movie, my role, the lead character, suffers from a severe anxiety disorder called agoraphobia. To prepare for the role, I interviewed several people suffering from extreme anxiety conditions as well as psychiatrists and therapists. I also researched medications prescribed for various mental health disorders. My own personal history of depression helped me relate to people suffering from extreme anxiety, as depression and anxiety are hand in glove to each other. One common theme kept surfacing in conversation - pharmaceutical remedies for depression and anxiety have such horrible side effects people would rather use cannabis to treat their symptoms. I was fascinated by this. In my experience… marijuana only increased depression and anxiety. It definitely was not for me. Many people I spoke with, who use marijuana regularly, also admitted having occasional to frequent panic attacks from daily use. I was convinced that there was no natural remedy.


During and after filming, I had a series of events happen…

The night before filming, my grandmother, whom I was very close to, passed away. Then, a day after we finished shooting the film, my manager took her own life. Just a week later, I broke my hand which prevented me from working until it healed. Then, to top it all off, I almost died two weeks later from my gallbladder becoming gangrene and the hospital not being able to identify the source of my unbearable pain. Suddenly, I had lost two people very close to me, and was out of work recovering from an injury and a serious illness. Crippling sadness and depression started to affect me again daily. I took the plunge and got a prescription for anti-anxiety medication and beta blockers. I was desperate. However, I almost immediately started having trouble remembering things and just felt out of touch altogether. Ironically, my anxiety would escalate just thinking about taking the pills.

One day, my mom stopped by for a visit, and she told me about something called CBD from hemp. She heard about it from my sister, and she was going to try it. I was hesitant to try CBD at first because I didn't want to feel impaired. I didn’t want to “get high” or experience more anxiety. So we looked it up together. We read that hemp is only allowed to be grown under US Farm Bill  Section 7606 if it has a negligible THC content of less than .3%. Everything we saw indicated we couldn't get high by taking cannabidiol (CBD) supplements. In fact, we read CBD has anxiolytic properties and modulates the psychoactive effects caused by THC activating our CB1 receptors in our brain.

I figured, “What’s the risk in trying something from nature?”

In fact, I had nothing to lose. If it worked, I would have a lot of joy to gain; and I ordered some that day. Obviously, CBD changed my life, or you wouldn't be reading this right now. Since receiving my first order, I've made taking CBD a daily part of my routine. I've made it my personal mission to tell as many people possible about hemp-derived cannabidiol, and the many health benefits of CBD.

One day, it occurred to me to start Sunshine Hemp Co. and bring the possibilities of CBD to others. So, with a lot of prayer, passion, and several coincidences backing me, I called my dad who lives in another state to tell him about this new adventure. I'd never mentioned anything to him about hemp or cannabidiol in the past. As soon as I told him what I was doing he replied,

"No way! I've been taking CBD for a month now, and it's changed my life too!"

My father found out about the possible benefits of taking whole flower phytocannabinoid rich hemp oil from his doctor, so I knew then… I was on the right path.

Now, it is my pleasure, to source out the best hemp-derived CBD products available, and offer them to YOU at the best prices. CBD is a gift from nature which we believe will soon change the lives of many.


   Dustin, Chippy, and Willie



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